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HUGE book TBR!

I don’t know quite how it happened, but I have managed to accumulate the largest TBR pile known to man. And not going to lie, I am pretty overwhelmed just looking at it! Buying books is my favourite past time and I get so excited by the idea of being able to sit down andContinue reading “HUGE book TBR!”

Estrid: Razor Review

When scrolling through my emails after work I came across a very exciting email from a razor brand called Estrid! Like many people I had seen many a post from people on Instagram showing their Estrid razors in all the beautiful colours. I was also drawn to people’s responses to this razor brand, how improvedContinue reading “Estrid: Razor Review”


From Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy to Jeanne Damas and Caroline de Maigret, as an industry we are obsessed with the French girl aesthetic, also known as Parisian style.  The beautifully simplistic and elegant style has been found in wardrobes in France forever, but I’m finding is now very apparent in the style of fashion-lovingContinue reading “PARISIAN STYLE: WITH SOME HELP FROM KNITTING, VINTAGE & JOANIE CLOTHING”


Gingham.  The Spring wardrobe must have, year after year.  The pattern that has been popular throughout the eras, adapting to different meanings and lifestyles; from the innocence of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the 1960s rockabilly subculture and to the rustic, countryside homeware staple. Gingham can be found in nearly every setting, for allContinue reading “GINGHAM”


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